Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Stumbling in the darkness with nowhere to go
Everything black everything cold
Waves of lonliness crash down on the wanderer
Buffeted around in an ocean of forever
Where are we going to, from where have we come
Questions questions with no answers for some
Lost in a sea of humanity, a face in the crowd
Jostled along by the teeming faceless hoard
Do I know the faces next to me?
These people, my companions, falling through infinity.

- Louisa Karen Newnes

Friday, March 18, 2005


Remember when we were young,
And the sun so bright, and the grass so green,
When freedom flowed through our veins,
And the world had a mysterious sheen,

When joys and sorrows were simple and sweet,
Chasing one another like leaves in the breeze,
Where the entire world was wrapped up so tight,
Around mommy and playmates and skinned knees,

Down the years the world has changed,
Many things have come and gone,
But somewhere in the chaos is the innocence hidden,
Waiting for the first light of dawn.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Two Ships

Oft we drift through life in the way,
of ships long past the light of day
never knowing if the next gust of wind
would steer us to golden shores or a tragic end

but at times, in this inky sea called life
two ships do cross in the dead of night
sometimes they just drift aimlessly away
but sometimes they stay, to find a common way

come hell or high water fate has its say
to bring the two together or let them drift silently away
but when the fortunes decide to smile
two lonely vessels find a companion for a while

but in barely a blink, storms start to rage
to wreak havoc on this happy voyage
happy are the vessels who can weather this ire
for only then to true happiness they may aspire


Sunday, February 06, 2005

In Dreams

My lights are out, I'm staring at the wall,
Nowhere to go, no one to call,
Solitude surrounds me and locks me in,
And softly drowns out the daily din,

When the burdens of existence are too much to bear,
When the soul longs for a life with ne're a care,
When the open skies beckon my mind,
I'll break every shackel and leave creation behind,

In a dream there lies a perfect place,
Overflowing with beauty abounding in grace,
On a quest for this magical land i head,
When I close my eyes and lay on my bed.

- Louisa Karen Newnes

Thursday, January 27, 2005


O gentle breeze, rustling through the trees,
Teasing the flowers and swaying the trees,
Losing yourself playfully in my hair,
As if to whisper, "catch me if you dare",
O naughty zephyr, where do you stay?
How many lands must lie in your way,
In one of these lands will my true love be,
Please carry a message to him from me,
My love and i are too far apart,
Bring some solace to my weeping heart,
Tell him that i pine for him so,
Of this seperation my heart can take no more,
Tell him that its him my eyes long to see,
And when you come back bring him home to me.


Wednesday, November 17, 2004


To each beginning there is given an end
For everything that once blossoms must wither away
The sun once risen must eventually set
And a curtain of darkness shrouds the light of the day

The sands of time are the cruellest of all
They show no mercy nor heed any call
All creation will fade into dust
Nothingness will devour both evil and just

Yet from this dust shall hope be reborn
The seedlings of life the earth shall adorn
Where death brought an end life shall pen new lines
The hourglass shall turn, the sand marking a new time

Everything that began must sometime end
And everything that ended shall begin anew
All creation into a circle shall blend
How perfect the miracle, the mystery, the truth.

- Louisa Karen Newnes